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Fujikura Group "Corporate Social Responsibility"
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Fujikura Group "Corporate Social Responsibility"
Fujikura has always made efforts to stay ahead of the times with "TSUNAGU" technologies in the areas of electric wires and cables and has contributed to the sustainable development of society since its foundation in 1885. These efforts towards social responsibility have been supported by Fujikura's Corporate Philosophy. Taking the 120th anniversary in 2005 as an opportunity to re-lay these foundations, the company stipulated the Corporate Philosophy MVCV.

In 2009, we have established the Fujikura Group "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) Philosophy and Fujikura Group CSR Basic Principles so that all employees of the Group can promote CSR. We hope to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the Earth as a global enterprise operating in 14 countries and regions throughout the world.

The Group's CSR commitment is identical to the mission stated in the Corporate Philosophy MVCV. The mission, which starts with "we help customers sustain and develop their business by providing superior products and services." indeed backs up our CSR philosophy.

Fujikura Group CSR Slogan

Fujikura Group CSR Philosophy
Fujikura Group believes that the Corporate Social Responsibilities the Group should follow are comprised of activities required for sustainable corporate management and activities for the establishment of a sustainable society, based on Fujikura's Corporate Philosophy (MVCV).

Fujikura Group CSR Basic Principles
Fujikura Group aims to serve as a bridge to an affluent future for people, society and the global environment through "TSUNAGU" technologies by becoming a company that serves the anticipated growth and development of society.

We have established the following four focus areas to fulfill our social responsiblilities in all aspects of our corporate activities. Each and every employees will be able to fully comply with the fules and social norms, become aware of his or her own role as a member of society, and act according to good social sense.

1. Sincere corporate activities
2. Concern for the environment
3. Respect for people
4. In harmony with society

Fujikura Gakuen, the unique facility for the mentally challenged children which was established in 1919. Fujikura has been continuing to provide financial support since its opening.

Annual Fujikura Scholarship
Annual Fujikura Scholarship Funds for elementary and junior-high school in Thailand Started in 1992 as a social project of Fujikura (Thailand) Ltd. One of our integrated companies.

FETL will continue with this project after the amalgamation of the seven integrated companies. In 2010, we supported for 282 students in 38 elementary and junior high schools in Prathumthani Province under the Annual Fujikura Scholarship Funds.

Planting Mangroves
In Thailand, effects of global warming affect the plants in the beach areas. The mangrove forests are decreasing these years because of global warming and the construction of shimp farms, etc.

One of our integrated companies, PCTT Ltd., worked for the preservation of mangrove forests in March 2010. our two hundred employees, including the managements, spent one day and struggled to plant 699 mangroves in the area of Klong Kone, located to the southeast of Bangkok.

Children’s day
Thailand National Children's Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in January every year. Many organizations from both government and commercial sectors have celebration activities for children.

As FETL and Labor officer of Pathumthani had joined to donate money for this children's day to support all activities in Navanakhorn pre-school to celebrate children’s day.

22 Year continuously since 1989, FETL employees to join this Children’s day at pre-school in Navanakhorn Industrial Zone, to be a part of community.

To join "To Be Number One“ Project
Under the patronage of Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya, the "To Be Number One" anti-drug campaign aims to promote the prevention of drug traffic spreading at the workplace and to help find solutions to suppress its existence and heal the issues it causes.

  FETL "To Be Number One" Club was set up in 2009 and aims to create a strong shield for local communities in the protection against drug abuse, leading to a safer social environment. The club encourages each member in the communities neighbouring the FETL factory to get involved in the anti-drug campaign in an act of solidarity.

In collaboration with local government authorities, education training and consultations on drugs are freely provided both to factory employees and to their families and other community members.

Donate book activity
As FETL we donated used-books for kindergarten, primary school, hospital, prison since 2005 as part of harmony with local society.

We collected books from employees and wrapping nicely to donate regularly to local community.

Since start this project over 7000 books were donated to local community.

Donate Aluminum activity
As FETL we donate aluminium ring tabs for Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. The Princess Mother, Thailand every year since 2000.

Prostheses Foundation Established in 1992 in Thailand, the Foundation provides free prostheses to those who lost their limbs through wars, accidents or diseases and could not afford to purchase the prosthetic limbs.

Making use of aluminium tabs from drink and food cans and other recycled materials, the Foundation is able to produce prosthetic limbs which are lighter, more comfortable to wear and cost effective. With the prosthetic limbs, the beneficiaries can work as abled people and thus, improve their lives.

(1 kg of the ring tabs can be used to make the components for a pair of prosthetic legs.)
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