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Quality Policy
  From the Viewpoint of Customers
For the Trust of Customers

We provide useful and Safe Products & Solutions with extremely High Quality.

"Quality" means not only the Quality of the Product but also the Quality of the Business process which produces it.

To provide goods which meet or exceed Customer's Expectations it is essential that we take it upon ourselves to review and make any necessary Changes and Improvement through Employee's Training and Production Processes continuously.

In order to maintain and expand our Customer Relationships, we will promote our "Quality First Initiative" , revolutionizing our Business Process and Corporate Culture.
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Environmental Policy
  Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd. is committed:
  • To comply with all applicable Legislation, Regulatory, Directive, Customer and Environment Hazardous Substances Requirement.
  • To manage all related activities to secure and prevent all Environment impact to the communities in which we live and work.
  • To Conserve Energy and Resources through Innovative processes and Continuous improvement methodologies with the goal of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • To promote environmental awareness Programmes and activities to all employees and communities.
This policy shall be communicated to all Employees level and Interested Parties and also above activities shall be achieved through environmental Management system of Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
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Safety, Occupational Health and Environment at Workplace Policy

We, Fujikura Electronics (Thailand) Ltd., are committed to eliminate the hazard in terms of Safety, Occupational Health and Environment at Workplace. Our objectives are free of Accident at workplace, Injury and Occupational Diseases. We also ensure to continue improvement of work environment to comply with all relevant occupational health and safety law.
To deliver our commitment, all employees including sub-contractors shall participate with these guidelines:

1. Comply with all occupational health and safety laws, regulations, statutory obligations and other applicable requirements.

2. Promote Safety, Occupational Health and Environment at Workplace consecutively by five Activities as the following items:
     a. Cultivate the Safety Awareness
     b. Conduct the Safety Rule
     c. Improve Work Environment
     d. Protect Human Health
     e. Perform Risk Assessment

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Assurance / Awards
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